Product Donation

Dwyer donated several products last month to the University of Illinois and Purdue University North Central. Products included pressure gages, flowmeters, temperature sensors, test instrumentation, and valves.

Dean of the PNC College of Engineering & Technology, Thomas F. Brady, thanked Dwyer for the contribution and noted that: "The interaction with companies such as Dwyer […] further strengthen[s] our programs."

The University of Illinois commented that the products will "be used for research projects within the department, undergraduate teaching labs as well as providing supplies for student design projects that may not otherwise have funds to purchase this equipment."  These products create opportunities for  students to learn and advance their skillsets. By having ample resources at their disposal, young engineers are able to get the hands-on experience needed to make breakthrough advancements and trials.

"Dwyer Product Manager, Val Kesler, remarked: "[We] donated, and will continue to donate, to these engineering programs because further supporting and strengthening the knowledge of the engineers of tomorrow […] will give us all an edge on tomorrow's technologies." Strong foundations for the next generation are being built now, and Dwyer supports all efforts to that end. This is the future of "technology, the future of engineering, the future of all. The products that were donated last month will help build that future.