Dwyer Instruments, Inc. is a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative controls, sensors, and instrumentation solutions to the HVAC and Process Automation markets. Dwyer manufacturing and design center locations are located across the United States, including: Michigan City, Indiana; South Bend, Indiana; Wakarusa, Indiana; Kingsbury, Indiana; Wolcott, Indiana; Fergus Falls, Minnesota; and Kansas City, Missouri.

A new assembly line was created earlier this year at the Wakarusa manufacturing facility, to fulfill high product demands. This production line, affectionately dubbed the Mom Line, is different from the others at this facility. Instead of having a set full-time schedule, work is part-time and is set around school schedules and holidays.

Peggy Stover, Plant Manager, stated: “If we could have a line with flexible scheduling that allowed [parents] to be late if school had a delay, allowed them to have a week off for spring break, to take summer off if needed… then we could fill some seats and produce more gages.”

The job opportunity was listed online at the end of February, and the response was immediate. There were more than 70 responses from interested candidates.

“With jobs that I’ve had before, I would have to go in late and couldn’t spend much time with my family,” noted Tina Seabolt, who has been working on the Mom Line for seven months. “I think my family would tell you I’m always a joy to be around now!” Seabolt, who has two children, shared that she is now able to make sure her family eats breakfast in the morning, and can be home to cook dinner for them in the evening as well.

The flex scheduling of the line allows for parents to get their children to school and be home when they return. It’s the perfect balance for mothers who need to be available for their kids. “It allows them to be in the workforce without choosing between family and work. They’re able to enjoy both,” said Crystal Mersereau, Line Leader.

In addition to the benefits of flex scheduling, the nature of the work itself allows for less physical demands than more strenuous, repetitive tasks. Workers rotate through jobs daily, with some sitting and standing.

Katelyn Russell, an expectant mother and assembly worker, mentioned that working on the Mom Line has improved her health when compared with other jobs. “I had morning sickness and I couldn’t work the long hours at the R.V. factories. This job isn’t as physically demanding and I don’t have to be on my feet all of the time.” Less physical demand combined with a rotating work load allows mothers to make a contribution both at work and at home. They leave work early enough to get home and take care of chores when their shift ends, and they aren’t exhausted from standing all day.

Overall, everyone that we spoke to had the same impression: Dwyer is an amazing, family-oriented place to be. By working together with parents to create schedules, the team at Wakarusa is able to enjoy the benefits of being in the workforce, without taking away from time with their families.